IEEC receives India Design Mark 2016 award

2016-06-15 By XYZ, Mumbai

Carrying forth its 46 year legacy, IEEC adds another feather in its cap by winning the “INDIA DESIGN MARK 2016” award from the Government Of India – Ministry of Commerce & Industry for recognition in “Narrow Web Corona Treatment System”.

India Design Mark is awarded by Ministry of Commerce and Industry Government of India for the best design standard, a symbol which symbolized for excellence in form, function, quality, safety, sustainability, innovation and communicates that the product is usable, durable, appealing and socially responsible.

IEEC’s Narrow Web Corona Treatment System has preformed and accepted widelyby many Domestic and International Flexo Press Manufacturers and Label Convertors. IEEC Corona and Plasma Treating Systems solve adhesion problems for variety of substrates like films, foils, paper and molded items. With a Government of India recognized R&D facility, IEEC offers end to end solution for Surface Treatment right from conceptualization to installation on any machine.

IEEC’s Narrow Web Corona Treatment System is not only designed for OEM’S but also for their end users as to helpone to obtain excellent quality and long lasting print. Often customers discover that batches of Incoming material have low dyne level (surface adhesion) or that the dyne level of the material on shelf has decreased due to material handling. Due to the low dyne level, the print quality is sub standard and to ensure good printing, the Printing Press has to compromise on line speed. To ensure productivity at maximum speed the material needs to be Corona Treated before printing. IEEC’s Narrow Web Corona Systems are also used for enhancing the surface tensions of already treated materials to create high adhesion ability. A common problem in the Narrow Web industry is the necessity for using top coated materials which have been chemically altered in order to obtain a high surface adhesion for inks. The top coated materials are more expensive to purchase than regular materials. By installing IEEC’s Narrow Web Corona Treater on your Narrow Web press, you might eliminate the need for using top coated materials and thereby save on production costs. Both side Corona Treatment is also available with IEEC compact dual side Corona Treater station.

By achieving the India Design Mark, IEEC has definitely earned a niche for itself in the printing and surface adhesion market.

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