Repro Graphics Displayed Flexo Wash Equipments in Label Expo India 2014.

2014-12-27 By Abhishek Patwa, New Delhi

Repro Graphics Pvt Ltd represents internationally accepted printing consumables in the Indian graphic industry. Started in the year 2006, Repro Graphics has emerged as leading supplier catering all segment of printing industry in India.

For their enormous product range, Repro Graphics had opted to display Flexo Wash (FW) products in Label Expo India 2014. The Flexo Wash (FW) products include Anilox Roll Cleaner, Plate Wash, Parts Washer and Screen Washer. We got an opportunity to talk to Mr.B.S.Babu, Chariman of Repro Graphics and Mr.B.Manoj, Director of Repro Graphics in the Label Expo India 2014.

Speaking about the FW Plate Wash equipment (which was one of the displayed machines) Mr.B.Manoj said, “The FW Plate Wash is fully automatic plate washer designed to wash flexographic polymer plates and letterpress plates in a very gentle way leaving them 100% clean and dry; ready for immediate reuse. The manual washing can easily damage the plates. Moreover, the manual washing is time consuming and often seen as a problem area from a health and safety point of view. This automatic machine is easy to use and it is designed to clean all types of inks. The eco-friendly cleaning liquids from Flexo Wash are specially developed to efficiently remove the different types of inks from the plates in only few minutes. The chemical used to wash the plate is non-hazardous. After the print job the plates are placed on the conveyor belt, which automatically takes them through the entire wash process.”

Speaking about the eco-friendly cleaning liquid he further said, “The Flexo Wash is built to clean with environmentally friendly cleaning liquids and to consume as little cleaning liquids as possible. The liquid is always filtrated, re-circulated, and can be reused in all machine type. The Flexo Wash liquids are of high durability and are formulated for the longest stand time, trouble free operation and long service intervals. This helps to make eco-friendly cleaning liquids and affordable alternate and thus provide a safer cleaning of parts and a better environment. With the REACH regulations and the VOC directive the environmental concern has become an even more important topic. Flexo Wash also has VOC free liquids for cleaning of UV and solvent based inks.”

Speaking about the innovative products Mr.B.S.Babu said, “We introduce new products on regular basis. All our products are designed keeping customer and market in perspective. Shortly, we are introducing new edition of cold foil adhesive from Zeller+Gmelin; and also a new version of dry peal labels. Innovation is one of our strength and we deliver products as per the requirement”

He concluded, “We have received excellent response in the Label Expo India. We had received genuine enquires for our products and sold quite a few Flexo Wash equipments in the expo.”

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