Barcom Industries adds Du-ponts Cyrel Digiflow & Cyrel Fast in their production unit at vasai.

2014-12-26 By Abhishek Patwa, Mumbai

Based in Mumbai, Barcom industries is one of the fastest growing label printers in India. Barcom supplies world class Self adhesive Labels, Pressure Sensitive labels, Holographic labels, Pharmaceutical Labels, cosmetic & Stickers, etc. to various industries in India and in the world. Founded in 2002 by Mr.Prasanna Sahu with an objective of trading in labels, Barcom solutions bought their first Mark & Andy flexo press in 2004. Later during the year the company was renamed as Barcom Industries Ltd. Today, their focus of catering to the pharma industry has paid-off as their client consists of leading formulation companies in the world.

Director of Barcom Industries Mr.Prassanna Sahu said, “I am a first generation entrepreneur. We cater Pan India to all Sectors, we are capable of serving any Industry any requirement in PS Self-adhesive labels, from conventional, tamper evident, decorative, security, and any & all types of labels can be produced with great precision on our Servo presses. Currently we cater to the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, FMCG, Retail, Lubes & Liquor Industry Leading Companies in a big way. After lot of patience & persistence we have reached this position. Today besides pharma, we are influential in Lubes & Liquor, Food. We have developed world class Pharma centric State of the art Plant and have almost all major top 10 formulation companies as our principal customers.”

He further said, “Our manufacturing unit is spread in 32,000 sq. feet. In the unit we have 6 presses all Mark Andy, out of this 2 are P5 servo presses, we have the best pre-press with Esko + Dupont CTP & Systems, 3 Camera Inspection Vision Systems with Rotoflex slitter-Rewinder for 100% defect free supply apart from another 180 ancillary machineries.

Speaking about the Du-Ponts Cyrel Digiflow Exposure unit and Cyrel Fast thermal processing for Flexo plate maker he said, “Conventional plate making is time consuming and does not provide accurate result. The chemical used to make plate is hazardous. I personally believe convention process is not feasible for the company of our size. This new invention of Du-Pont gives us short lead time, 100% security with in-house plate production, and gives best possible plate quality with high precision & accuracy to critical jobs. And after these investments we are much better placed in our business, with very few companies having such facilities in South Asia. Our customers are very happy and see our investments as firm confirmation of doing whatever it takes to serve them in the best possible way.”

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