SMI Launches Mobile App for Printing Professionals

2016-01-20 By Associate Editor, New Delhi

SMI Launches Mobile App for Printing Professionals

One of the leading label stock providers - SMI has recently launched a mobile application for their customer that simplifies label stock selection. The name of the app is ‘SMI Product Selector’ and it can be downloaded from the Apple Store as well as Google Play Store. The app was launched in Label Expo India 2016.

We spoke to Mr. Rohit Mehta (Director) about the app in the event. He said, “The application provides complete detail of all the available products with SMI. The app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store free of cost. Beauty of the app is that any new product launched by SMI, automatically gets updated in the app. Additionally, the app also has few industry related calculators. The printers’ just need to feed in basic information of raw materials, quantity etc. and it gives a complete cost of production. Within 24 hours more than 100 people have downloaded the app. The app gives real time information which empowers our customer to respond to their end-customer effectively.

SMI is renowned to provide customise solution to its customers. In last 6 months, we have designed 90 new products post studying the market trend and understanding expectations. In the show, we are focusing on the filmic labels stock & have made a unique sample set of it designed specifically for Indian customers & it consists of about 50 different label samples.

The customer can simply go through it and request for a desired product. We at SMI not only provide solution label stock but also other solutions like the ‘SMI Product Selector’ app which helps industry personnel in many ways.

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