Prati's IML finishing machine installed at Letra Graphix, Ahmedabad - The First in India!

2016-11-13 By Associate Editor, Ahmedabad

Prati's IML finishing machine installed at Letra Graphix, Ahmedabad - The First in India!

PRATI has been selected for its leading label finishing technology by Indian printer LETRA GRAPHIX.
Leading Italian manufacturer of label finishing solutions, PRATI, adds another contract to its long list of installed equipment. Chosen by the Indian printer LETRA GRAPHIX, PRATI announced the successful installation of a SUN OMNIA finishing platform just last month.

Prati, along with Royal Coat, (Prati’s Agent in India) installed the machine.

Situated in Amedabhad, LETRA GRAPHIX is a well-established company. Since its inception in 1990, Letra Graphix is a renowned manufacturer of labels and stickers.

Letra Graphix is a specialty product provider. Their specialty lies in manufacturing a wide range of labels suitable for every kind of surface-be it hard, soft, rough or smooth.

Their range of products include customized labels and stickers, barcode labels, self adhesive labels, BKL and now also IML. Handling roll-to-roll, roll-to-sheet and roll-to stack finishing processes, LETRA GRAPHIX based its choice on the excellent reputation PRATI has on the national market and also thanks to the trust placed in PRATI sales and technical staff who are always ready to advise and assist customers to find the solutions best-suited to their specific needs.

LETRA GRAPHIX was also looking for a solution which would accommodate future prospects of processing filmic substrates. SUN OMNIA was the ideal choice, both for its innate versatility and ease-of-use. Feeling confident with PRATI, whose reputation as a leading supplier in India acted as reassurance for LETRA GRAPHIX, and thanks to these key advantages, as well as the quality service PRATI is able to guarantee, the customer had no difficulty in choosing the SUN OMNIA converting platform for today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

In 2015, PRATI exceeded the threshold of 2,800 installed machines worldwide. The solution provided to LETRA GRAPHIX is yet another reason to trust the value of Italy’s leading supplier of label finishing equipment.

Experience, technology, reliability. In one word: PRATI.

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