Foresight is Key to My Success, says Kuldip Goel, MD of Any Graphics

2016-11-13 By Associate Editor, Mumbai

‘Foresight is Key to My Success.’ – Kuldip Goel, MD of Any Graphics
One of India's leading printing & packaging company - Any Graphics is one stop solution provider to its customers. Certified with ISO 9001 & ISO14001 they have 30+ years of experience in printing industry. Their product ranges from mono cartons, self adhesive labels, dome stickers, graphics, panel overlays, warranty seals, commercial print, blister cards & publicity material. Any Graphics was one of the participants in Pack Plus North 2016 where we spoke to Mr. Kuldip Goel, Managing Director of Any Graphics Pvt. Ltd.

Kuldip Goel and his experience in Label industry
Right now I am 53. I started my journey in 1976, and came into labels in 1996 with a small machine bought from Mr. Amit Seth. It was a UV press from Orthotec-Taiwan. We initiated use of UV printing at the time when the inclination was only for paper printing. We started printing on polyester and different substrates. Step-by-step, we bought letterpress, screen, digital and finally we entered into Flexo. During my expedition, I realised that we should innovate and do something different that just does not satisfy our customer but also delight them.

Key to Success
Innovation!!! I am a designer by heart and my passion is designing creative products. I think, a girl is most beautiful on her wedding day i.e. when she is extra ordinarily dressed, her beauty is to the fullest and is unique in every sense. Similarly, I treat our every product i.e.uniquely. We wish to have add-ons in every product. I crave to give better solutions to customers and that is the reason you will find our products different than others. We work hard day & night and as we believe wedon't just sell products butensure that our customers are thrilled with our options.

Some words by one of IST director, who visited our plant with Heidelberg team might explain about us “Any Graphics is doing extra-ordinary creation on top of regular printed jobs”

We have won awards world-wide for our innovative products. For 4 consecutive years from 2012 - 2015 we were awarded with Best Label Printer of the year by Print week. In the last LMAI – 2014 (Label Manufacturing Association of India) Awards out of 22 categories we won awards for 10 categories. Our desire is to get the award for 5th consecutive year in current Print Week awards. We received three World Label awards against total 3 entries we send for competition. As per our knowledge we are only company in the World to get this award 3 times. Also we got nomination in Global Nomination Award for whole printing industry including machine and raw materials manufacturer. We become first Indian company to get nomination in this competition of Innovation.

Challenges in Domestic Market
Competition! The equipment are coming higher in ratio than the growth rate of the industry. Convertors are offering very low prices to fill the gap of capacity versus orders which is not good not only of whole industry but also for convertor.

Thoughts on Reverse Auction
We do not participate. Because in Reverse Auction, what matters is only price and not the quality and we are quality conscious. The participants or the winner of the auction works on 10% to 15%gross profit, whereas more than 10% is just the overhead cost. How would you earn and make profit, eventually, you do cost cutting by using substandard material and quality goes for a toss.

I believe all the participating members in Reverse Auction, should submit their portfolios to organizing companies in advance so that they can do a thorough audit of participating members W.R.T. their infrastructure, set-up & other important factors. All these details should be provided to all participants, to ensure hundred percent transparency. The audit will ensure all the participating members in Reverse Auction are genuine i.e. the competition is amongst competent companies, like orange to orange.

I believe all participants should intervene and take some concrete steps either to stop reverse auctioning or at least regulate it.

Expansion Plans
We have invested nearly 40 crore in last one and half year. We bought Omet 10 colour flexo, Bobst die cutting, Emmici automatic rigid box manufacturing line, Bobst folding-gluing machine, fully automatic sheet-fed laminator, Zund sample maker, Heidelberg XL-75 seven colour + coater with company fitted IST inter-deck UV etc etc.  Currently our production plant is spread over 1,40,000 square feet in Noida, where we have approx. 50 gigantic machines running under one roof. It is a modern, dust free, state of the art factory.

Recently, we also bought inspection machine from Inter graphics which was successful in our initial tests. The machine is excellent and value for money and as far as service is concerned, Amit Sheth is the most reliable person in the industry. Honestly speaking, it is not just the machine but the man behind the machine (i.e. Mr. Amit Sheth) that encouraged us to make this purchase.

Any graphics is dedicated to understand and satisfying their customers’ needs. They are passionate about forming a healthy relationship with their customers, suppliers and employees by establishing reliability and fairness in every interaction.

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