Daetwyler SwissTec - A Pioneer in Doctor Blade Manufacturing Solution

2016-11-13 By Associate Editor, Mumbai

The name ‘Daetwyler’ is much known in the printing arena, not only for their machines but also for its world class doctor blades. Their production plants are spread worldwide for Doctor Blades. In India, Daetwyler SwissTec India Pvt. Ltd (DSI) was founded and started with the production of MDC doctor blades in 2008.  DSI is an Indian subsidiary of the Parent Company – Daetwyler SwissTec AG,Switzerland.

To know more about the company and its strategy for India as well as International market, we at ‘Labels Flexibles & More’ spoke to Mr. Ralph Daetwyler (Daetwyler Group CEO), Mr. Markus Resing (Deputy Head of Marketing & Sales) and Mr. MangeshBhise (Senior Manager Sales – India/Export) in the 5th Speciality Films & Flexible Packaging Global Summit 2016.

About the yesteryears, Mr.Ralph Daetwyler said, “Daetwyler Group was founded in 1943 by Max Daetwyler with the goal of developing and manufacturing parts for civil and military aviation. As the technology evolved Max Daetwyler started doing new things with the help of skilled labourers and local connections. The company developed ‘POLISHMASTER’ – A globally renowned cylinder finishing machine for Gravure industry. In 1972, distribution of the unique developed lamella doctor blade started, which became a watchword for quality and reliability worldwide. Max Daetwyler Co. was renamed Max Daetwyler AG in 1979.”

Regarding Indian Market he said, “We are quite excited about Indian market as India has over 1.2 billion of population and is progressing fast towards packaged products. Daetwyler SwissTec is majorly into package printing and hence we have huge potential in India. Food is wasted to a large extent worldwide however; with the help of packaging we can overcome this problem.

Adding to it, Mr. Markus Resing said, “We have subsidiaries and sales network all across world, recentlywe have set up a sales office in Russia and Singapore. All the technology that is used to manufacture doctor blades is in-house i.e. we do not buy any machines from outside for manufacturing. Reciprocating to our customer needs, we try to come up with unique types of blades every year, and I believe that is our strength. High quality precision coated doctor blades are produced only in Switzerland for worldwide requirements. However, in Drupa 2016 we launched economical blades for tier 4 customers.

Speaking about their marketing strategy for India, Markus added, “In every country, we have distribution partners. However, we do direct sales in India and US. So we conduct seminars along with the distribution partners and other value chain partners for tier 3 and tier 4 customers for creating awareness. T1 and T2 customers are well aware of the latest technology. Our expertise team pay visit to customer’s production site and share technical knowledge. We want to guide our users on how to utilise our products efficiently so that they can reduce cost and have a better print quality.

Additionally, an appropriate coated doctor blade can save huge production cost as they can solve many problems. Substrate is by far the most expensive part of any printing process so if you can save 10% on inks and substrates you win considerably. And better doctor blades can solve the ink transfer issue and eventually save your cost.

About the strength Mr. Mangesh said, “Doctor Blade is a most critical consumable. So if you do not get this consumable on time, printing production will stop. We have production facility in India and we maintainstocks of all the required specifications of blades so that whenever we receive the order, we can dispatch the consignment on the same day or latest by next day unless if the order is of odd size and of different specification.  Moreover we have our experienced engineers present in all regions of India to offer onsite technical support for all print and doctor blade related issues when needed”

On the hiring patterns, Markus said, “On board, we only hire expert technicians. All around the world, our technicians are either from graphic background or ex-pressmen. Our customers respect and appreciate the fact that someone who has press knowledge &background is guiding them on different parameters like doctor blade angles& pressure”

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