IEEC Displayed their Narrow Web Corona Systems in Label Expo India 2014

2014-12-26 By Abhishek Patwa, Mumbai

Corona treatment is very essential in label printing especially when the label is made from plastic substrate. The ink tends to become blemished due to its inability to bond with the plastic. This problem occurs because the surface tension of the plastic is insufficient for proper bonding. A quality corona is necessary to ensure the perfect label printing quality.

Industrial Electronic Equipment Corporation (IEEC), a leading supplier of electronic process control equipments and a pioneer developer of quality Corona & Plasma Treatment System, Automation Solution and Moving Band Pinning Systems for BoPET films has the solution of this difficulty. IEEC’s Narrow Web Corona systems are used for enhancing the surface tension of already treated material to create high adhesion ability.

We spoke with Mr.Rohit Despandey, Managing Director of IEEC in label Expo India 2014. Speaking about their Narrow Web Corona Treater he said, “The new generation label press demands compact and efficient corona treatment systems for treatment of variety of substrates at high line speeds. IEEC's Narrow Web Push-Pull type Corona Treating Station is specially designed keeping the compactness, operator friendliness and efficiency in mind. Available as the RFIM-NW model, the high definition ridge type ceramic electrodes ensure efficient treatment of metalized as well as non- metalized substrates. By installing the narrow web corona system in the narrow web press you can eliminate the need for using top-coated materials and thereby significantly control the production.”

Speaking about the IEEC Corona Generators he said, “IEEC Corona Generators are CE Standard Generators engineered with perfection and sophistication. User-friendly and easy-to-operate, these highly efficient generators provide better treatment at lesser power. They are packed with the most advanced features including Latest Mixed Signal Microcontroller Programming, High Frequency which makes it long-lasting and maintenance-free, and Frequency Auto-tuning which makes it compatible with any assembly and operable at optimum required power.”

He further added, “We have received very good response from the exhibition. We have sold quite a few units of our Corona Treater and the Corona Generator in the show to some of the prominent companies like Nilpeter, Multitec, coats & pack, etc. We are receiving genuine enquires for our product we will surely capitalize on the leads which we have received here.”

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